ADHD 21 Over-Dosed by Over-Prescribed

November 21, 2014

Even today with all the information available, doctors are still over-prescribing medications.  Also, was masturbation really used as an example to make a point about ADHD in this episode?  Yes, yes it was, and nobody giggled.  Plus, by popular demand, the "Uneducated Segment" is back and tackles protecting our children.    There was even more, but possibly forgettable as it's not coming to mind.  


ADHD 20 Highlights of the UVU ADHD conference

September 30, 2014

Mark is invited as the keynote speaker at the annual Utah Valley University ADHD Conference.  THIS IS NOT THAT SPEECH . . . but rather Mark and Miah talking about highlights and lowlights of the event.  Miah almost chokes on his drink.  Don't worry, rescue personel were not required.  ;)


ADHD 19 Robin Williams Suicide

August 18, 2014

Suicide.  The worlds talking about Robin Williams, some chosing to bring light to his beleaved stuggles with ADHD.  Mark and Miah give thier thoughts on this subject in  a more serious then normal podcast.  


ADHD 18 Bored to Depression

August 6, 2014

Boredom as a form of depression could be particually dangerous for the ADHD mind.  How it sets in and some ideas on how to snap out of it.  Also, an "uneducated" segment on what REALLY breeds success.


ADHD 17 Wrestling With Dragons

July 18, 2014

After six months of being lost in the corporate jungle, Mark and Miah return with tales of Dragons and killer parakeets. 


ADHD 15 A New Year, A New You?

January 8, 2014
Our super-heros, Mark and Miah, take on the new year.  News Years goals are a bi#@!.  Where does motivation come from?  What's success?  Beliefs are Taught, Bought, or Caught.  AND another "Uneducated" segment to upset the masses, while somehow propelling you forward with a new perspective.  

Dec 23rd Christmas Giveaway GoPro

December 21, 2013

Two winners of previous giveaways are announced and new contest is explained.  Share with us your ideas for how we can improve the show to win a GoPro Camera.  Also, please leave positive feedback on comments section in iTunes.



Dec 19th Christmas Giveaway $200

December 18, 2013

Giving away $200 for someone who does the best thankyou to thier Equal Opposite.  Also reviewing and talking about the impact on contestants in the ADHD Genius contest. 


Dec 18th Christmas Giveaway $110 & Book

December 17, 2013

Dec 18 Christmas Giveaway $110 plus free copy of ADDicts and Millionaires.   Show us your favorite distraction to win.  Listen for details.  Send entry to  


Dec 17th Christmas Giveaway $100

December 16, 2013

Send in a photo of you with "ADHD Genius"  writen down with an arrow pointed at yourself.  Winner picked midnight Dec 17th.  Email it to to enter to win.  Listen for details. 


ADHD 14 Three Things Before Meds

December 15, 2013

Opening distraction, three months left to live.  Then onto the topic from a callers questions; what to try before using meds.  Also an "Uneducated" segment about turning your passion into your career.  


ADHD 13 Going Mental

December 2, 2013

Missing Miah, but joined by another wonderful person, Mark discusses ADHD diagnosis with Therapist Christy Kane.  Trends in therapy, finding normal, bricks in a wall and something about tattoos and Harleys.  Also, is it possible that America itself was a grand ADHD experiment? 


ADHD 12 Any Fool Can Find Disease

November 24, 2013

Dr Bill Powell D.O. joins Mark and Miah for a look at ADHD, Executive Function, and Diet through Osteopathic Family Practitioners Eyes; and why not talk about gas as well? 


ADHD 11 The Handcuffs

November 16, 2013

It wouldn't be like Mark and Miah to not eventually do a show about handcuffs; so the real question is, who's blindfolded and handcuffed?  Also, 4 types of people are discussed, what type are you?  Then, common advice given to those with ADHD is put to the test in the UN-Educated Segment. 


ADHD 10 The Placebo

November 11, 2013

Hosts Mark Patey and Jeremiah Johnson try to be serious, and fail; yet somehow they manage to relate rusty tools to life and ADHD.  A caller from Africa requests help with ADD and ADHD within a culture that doesn't accept it seriously.  Then, Placebos and their place, or not, within the ADHD world.  Finally, for the "Uneducated" segment, our heroes tackle "The Calm Before the Storm"


Surge in ADHD Drug Use

November 7, 2013

Getting high with ADD ADHD medications, Searching for a possible suicide, and what the British Medical Journal has gotten so worked up over in ADD ADHD diagnosis.  


ADDiction and ADHD

November 4, 2013

Our hosts invite Steps Recovery owner, Mike Jorgensen, onto the program to talk about ADHD and addictions.  Uneducated segment... Are people lazy?  Also, does Miah have a third nipple? Tune in and not find out on this episode. 


On Fire

October 28, 2013

A plane crash and how it is related to ADHD.  More you didn’t know about your hosts, including Miah’s epic ADHD moment at work at the worst possible time.  Also, Mark and Miah take a question from Sergio, a listener call-in concerned about ADHD in social settings.  Then in the “Uneducated” segment our hosts take on cluttered desks as a sign of a cluttered mind.


A short, Because We Just Had To

October 23, 2013

Mark and Miah take on an article about ADHD diagnoses in preschool children.  


Mere Mortals w/ Dick Rutan

October 20, 2013

Mark and Miah talk to living legend Dick Rutan about ADHD and aviation innovation, near death test flights, and thinking differently.  Also, the no zombi guarantee, what’s coming next with listener call-ins, and some other distraction.  For those who have read the book “ADDicts and Millionaires - The Gifts and Curse of ADHD” you will notice how Dick Rutan and Burt Rutan worked well together as Equal Opposites.  


Finding Their Gifts

October 14, 2013

Mrs Utah, Michele Weeks, joins Mark and Miah with her son Christian (9 years old and ADHD).  Items up for discussion include, standing up, finding gifts, rockets, teleporters, and music.  Also, does fating food make you fat?


We Learn Differently

October 7, 2013

How much education does it take to make millions?  Mark and Miah welcome Dave Nielson to the program to find the answer, as seen through the eyes of this successful ADHD entrepreneur.  In this weeks "uneducated" segment, will making positive changes in your life result in support from the majority?  Also, Mark and Miah celebrate and welcome the newest countries with listeners to the Distracted program, Iceland, China, and our friends to the North, Canada.  


Distracted Minds, Sharper Brains

October 1, 2013

Mark and Miah look into evidence that suggests those with ADHD may actually have tangible gifts that come with the brain that does things differently... also the recent death of a loved one in an airplane crash, texting, and a challenge to the idea of finding balance in life.  


How We Got Here

September 30, 2013
Join hosts Mark Patey and Jeremiah Johnson on the first DISTRACTED Podcast where they defy the norm and encourage you to leverage the gifts of ADHD.  If you are ADHD or you know someone who is then you'll certainly enjoy this program.  Mark is both entertaining and insightful. 

Mark explores the gifts and curse associated with ADHD and offers real life examples and advice.  Don't worry fellow ADHDers, Different is NOT always a Disorder!